Fifth Act Consulting



What We Do

What's one of the first questions that comes up in normal conversation?

"What do you do?"

At Fifth Act Consulting we find ourselves operating in four primary veins, Consulting, Coaching, Lifestyle Design and Marketing. We'd love to break those down for you and see where you think you might find it helpful to engage us in conversation.



We see our consulting product as a relationship that centers around a particular pain point or problem. Our consulting relationships are usually for a specified amount of time and have very specific goals and structures associated. Our goal here is to help you solve a specific problem and do it in the most efficient and productive way.


Our coaching product is more of a long-term relationship than the consulting product. Our coaching relationships usually fall into six month or one year cycles and will often renew into a much longer relationship. Our goal with our coaching product is to set you up for longstanding success. 



Lifestyle Design

Our lifestyle design product is the most individualized of all our products. This product involves a deep look at the interior of a person and helping them see their idealized life come to fruition. The duration of this product could be as short as a few months and could easily last years.



Our marketing product is designed with the entire business in mind. We work with you to create sustainable marketing practices that can be replicated, tested and manipulated to give you the sales results you desire. This product can be tailored to be a campaign or project as well as a more long-lasting relationship around marketing.