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External Liberation

Once you have had the experience of coming face to face with your internal reality and have renovated your internal conversation, you are then poised to find external freedom. This is the space in which you can be honest with yourself or as an organization and begin to craft a way forward.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to start with the internal conversation and move to the external one. If there is no reality behind the starting point, or no meaning behind the end point, there will be no freedom in the journey.

This phase is the one that should incur the fun. This is the place where we get to play. When you come face to face with who you are as a person or as an organization, you can truly begin to see what is keeping you from being free and you can begin to understand what it is that is holding you back from true liberation.

When I come into contact with people or organizations who are operating from a place of entrapment, they typically are looking to solve their dilemmas by creating restriction. It’s typically coming from a place of fear and scarcity, and while that sentiment will allow for operations to continue relatively well, it is hard to thrive in such an environment. It seems as though the companies and people who are living out of external freedom don’t operate with a lens of fear, but of curiosity. They seem to find people, ideas and opportunities that pique their interest and then they proceed to have the guts to follow that curiosity. The way in which an organization or individual engages the opportunity of freedom is the way in which an organization or individual views itself/himself/herself.

It is in this phase that we begin to notice that all three phases are a part of a cycle. That there is more to uncover internally and that external freedom is boundless. Opportunity and curiosity are renewable resources and can be deeply imbibed.

While this phase is typically the hardest phase to move in to, it is by far the most enjoyable. This phase is where you uncover the “ah ha” moments and start to notice a levity to life. It is also the phase, by nature, that is the most difficult to stay in. It can take only a few missteps, or bad days/weeks of decision making or pure bad luck for external liberation to slip away. This is why it is imperative that we don’t stay here. 

There must be a progression into extravagant transformation. This is the shift that lasts forever and changes the very foundation our lives or organizations are built upon.