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Extravagant Transformation


No process is worth engaging if it doesn’t create lasting change. Temporal effects come from an unintentional and unhealthy process. If the previous two phases, internal renovation and external liberation, aren’t thoroughly excavated, there is no chance that extravagant transformation will be experienced.

This final phase isn’t necessarily the destination or the stopping point in this journey, but more of a solidifying of a process that breeds health. This is the transformation that lasts forever and solidifies the new foundation that has become ground zero for a full life.

The expectation here is that you or your organization will dip in and out of all three phases as you uncover more of who you are. You will continue to see yourself or your organization in a new light as you continue to unfold your story. As your story unfolds, you will need to focus on one area over another. This is not only necessary, but is a byproduct of solidifying transformation in your life or the life of your organization.

Transformation is about seeing the death of what was old, and the life of what is new. This is not a band-aid phase in which you are covering something or shifting a behavior. This is the deep work of understanding total reconstruction to be the scaffolding for your new way forward.

Beyond the excitement of seeing a new way forward and understanding what a life of freedom looks like, there is a peace and rest that comes along with this phase.

A person or organization that fully embraces this extravagant transformation will begin to notice that they are fully alive and fully themselves. They will see the anxiety and stress of trying to cover up or keep up with an identity that was only partially real fade away. The rest and peace that they will begin to experience comes from being able to fully recognize who they are, and unapologetically move towards their own curiosity without fear-based expectation.

This kind of deep work will be the hardest and most rewarding work you will ever do. And if engaged, it will produce a personal or organizational life of fulfillment.

Here’s to realization.

Here’s to endeavor.

Here’s to revolution.

Here’s to you.