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Internal Renovation


I grew up as a child with the belief that the external factors in my life were not only more important, but were more impactful than the internal factors in my life. I had this idea that if I was a good person externally, the internal conversation would take care of itself. If I behaved correctly, then I was a good person.

Now, this isn’t necessarily problematic for a child to think this way or to believe this way. It is the result of moral certitude and behavioral sureness. It is, however, problematic for an adult to keep this lens with them as they grow older.

In the mind of a child, there is no awareness to understand the deeper complexities at work that shape the “who you are” conversation.

And that’s ok.

At first.

I held this view for far too long, and continue to engage people and companies that have this as their identity. They have not taken the step inward to explore what is actually underneath the external conversations that are steering their ship.

Internal renovation is the first part of our process at Fifth Act Consulting because it drives the entire conversation. To experience true freedom in your business, church or even personally, there must be a renovation of your internal conversation.

We live in a culture that tells us that if we can somehow manipulate our external factors, they will shift our internal conversation.

If I made more money, I wouldn’t be stressed out.

If I had more obedient kids I wouldn’t be so angry. 

If we had better systems, our organization wouldn’t be so disorganized.

This is the baseline assumption that marketers are using. We think that if we can introduce an external implication, our internal life will shift.

The true shift will come when we can agree that everything you need, and everything that will ever fulfill you already exists internally. We just need to excavate it.

The moment you recognize your internal reality, you will begin to see your way forward. The first step is coming to some sort of awareness of what is actually happening internally. Either for you, or for your organization. Once there is a sense of true north, you are ready to engage the process of finding out what you or your organization deeply desire and who you truly are. At this moment, we progress into the next phase; External Liberation.