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The Online Executive Pastor

Nothing can replace having an Executive Pastor on staff and in the trenches, but what if you could get 40%-60% of what you need from an Executive Pastor at a fraction of what that might end up costing you? What if you could build the groundwork for the systems and processes you need to be able to sustain growth with your current staffing structure? What if you could explore ways of teaching yourself to fish rather than immediately hiring the fisherman? 

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The Digital Toolbox | Part 1

Don’t settle. There is statistical evidence that says that you will not change. Our brains are neurologically wired to repeat the familiar. We have confirmation biases that point us back to what we already hold to be true. If you are looking to change yourself or your organization, you can’t settle. It is going to be a lot of hard work, and there will be many failures between you and your success. Keep pushing.

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