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The Digital Toolbox | Part 4


So we’ve talked about what a digital toolbox is and why it might be helpful. We have talked about the time/money equation. We have talked about people who have more time than money, and people who have more money than time. Now we come to some of the actual tools you can use to save you time and money. The digital tools you choose to put in your digital toolbox will help define the way you and your organization operate.

Here are some categories to think in. Every organization and every person, in some way, shape or form has a need for some or all of these categories, and to the extent that you use these tools, you will find a greater propensity for productivity and effectiveness.


There are three sub-sets within this area: Project Management, Task Management, To-do List Management

Within each subset there is crossover and it is not as clean a break as it might look. Some software is very robust where others are more basic. Figure out what would suit you best and then go from there.

Project Management

Task Management

To-do List Management

There will always be a plethora of tools to choose from, and the goal will always be to find the one that fits you and your business best, but I hope this list serves you as a launching point. A launching point, however, can be an excuse to launch and never follow through. To fully engage a digital toolbox it takes discipline and macro and micro vision to be able to zoom in and zoom out in your business.

As we close out this series, I’d love to hear what you use in your business. What are the tools that make your world run? How do you engage them and what is leading you to the cutting edge of your business?

Shoot us a message and let us know!