Fifth Act Consulting


These Guys Are Rainmakers

Every once-in-a-while, I come across a rainmaker that makes stuff happen. Austin, and his crew at Fifth Act Consulting, are relentless in not only doing what they say they are going to do but they care deeply. The project and the end-goals are very important, but the relationship is also very significant to this team. Weather it’s creative, systems development, project management or organizational movement, Fifth Act Consulting has served me and my company with integrity and deep precision.

Scott Hofert | Owner/Designer

ColsenKeane Leather

My Creative Life Has Been Changed!

As a food blogger, creating provocative content simply isn't enough to break through the white noise that is the saturated industry of recipe sharing/blogging. Fifth Act Consulting has acted as a bridge from my creative well-meaning self to new practices that implement tools for mining and organizing crucial data. Fifth Act Consulting holds accountable the intentionality to move forward with a better understanding of who I am writing to and why, while being most effective in partnering with me on the how. Understanding my reader's habits and responding wth relevant timely posts has proved to be strategic, inviting opportunistic visibility for potential subscribers. Simply put, Fifth Act Consulting has aided in creating a more cohesive blueprint to what SipChewSingRepeat is and how my service may reach something as organic and evolving as human readership.

Dani Engle | Author/Blogger/Creative

Sip Chew Sing Repeat

Realized Mission and Structured Vision

The team at Fifth Act Consulting has been able take our mission and help us break through the noise to give us clarity and direction to move forward with confidence.  Beyond big picture advice their team has been able to get in the details of our strategy and have given us structure and helped to create systems so our mission can be realized.

Scott Miller | Founder and Creative Director

Social Good Charlotte

Big Pictured Approach


We're so grateful to work with Austin Smith on the beginning stages of our non-profit. HIs insight, broad-stroke, big picture approach is exactly what we needed as we started to work through some exercises that really defined who we are collectively and how we will approach the work we get to do moving forward. Highly recommend!

Becky Santoro | Founder

Foster Village Charlotte