Fifth Act Consulting

Mastermind Course



If you had four weeks to change the course of your life, where would you start? We would like to use this daunting and exhilarating question to invite you into a process. A four-week process that could change your life. We will be covering:

  • Self-limiting Beliefs | Roadblocks & Challenges

  • Personal/Professional Development Plan

  • Goals | Prioritization | Decision-making | Motivations

  • Systems | Automations | Moving Forward

The best part of this mastermind is that you will walk away with a practical template that you can replicate over and over again as you pivot and assess your life moving forward.

Because this mastermind is in the beta phase at the moment, we are only taking a select group of people and offering it at an introductory price of $50. And if at the end of four weeks, your life isn't changed for the better, I'll send your $50 right back to you. No questions asked. Here’s a rundown:

  • 4 weeks. 90 minutes each week.

  • Video conference call with other like-minded people getting after the same thing.

  • Personal and professional development that sets your trajectory towards exponential increase.

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