Fifth Act Consulting

Our Process

Uniquely designed to transform any individual or organization from the inside, out and to see long-lasting change take root.


Birthed out of a desire to see individuals and organizations fulfill their unique potential, Fifth Act Consulting is the firm that you may have been searching for.

Our starting point is Internal Renovation. There must first be a sense that any long-lasting change, either for an individual or for an organization, will start internally. Painting a brick blue doesn't make it a cloud. It's just a blue brick. Changing the externals of your life or the life of your organization will only work if you have first addressed the internal conversation.

Our second touch point is External Liberation. The personal and organizational freedom we all desire starts with an internal conversation, but if it stays there, it will never lead to the liberation we crave. This is the space where assessment and planning meets movement and process.

Our final point of contact is Extravagant Transformation. All the internal renovation and external liberation is for nothing if there is not extravagant transformation in which a person or organization can move forward. A transformed person or organization is one that can continue to reinvent itself as time requires distinctively different realities in different seasons.

These points of contact are cyclical and are invariably applicable. In different seasons, different aspects of this circle are needed.

If this cyclical approach is intriguing to you, let's talk.